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Assassin Boxing Promotion & Managment

Welcome to Assassin Boxing Promotion & Management. We provide boxing management services & organise regular professional boxing promotions. We have professional boxing promotions throughout the year.

Lee Mcallister professional boxer. Nicknamed the "Aberdeen Assassin", Sponsorhips Lee McAllister held the Commonwealth lightweight and light-welterweight titles, the IBO International light-welterweight title.

When it comes to Promotion & Managment only a select few have the right tools to get you where you need to be.

 If you are interested in promoting your company and sponsoring bouts or advertising in our fight night programmes please contact us for rates. We also Sponsorships with free ringside tickets included in the package.

Boxing Fans: If you are interested in attending our boxing events please see our events page for the latest details.

Boxers: If you are interested in joining our stable and are unattached, or are amateur thinking of turning pro, please contact us with your details.

Choosing the right Promotor is a very difficult task with the right Promotion you can achieve your goals with the wrong Promotion & Managment it may seem you are stuck not moving forward.
We strive to not only bring you the Best Promotions we can offer, we bring Exciting matches for the Fans. If you're a Boxing Fan you will love the New Events we are putting together if you would like to get involved call ABP&M Today.

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